Goodbye Stained Teeth! Another Great Reason To Smile!

A survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 80% of Americans would love to have whiter teeth. At Caring Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer KöR Whitening System, widely regarded by cosmetic dentists around the world as the most effective and reliable professional whitening system on the market.

Not only is it very effective, but it has also been shown to have very low, and most frequently no sensitivity for the majority of patients. Best of all, with KöR Whitening, patients don’t even have to give up their favorite coffee, tea, or red wine, and they can still have brilliant white teeth for the rest of their lives.

The KöR Whitening System requires patients to adhere to a very strict procedure. “You can’t deviate from the protocol one little bit or you won’t see the WOW results,” says Dr. Warren Woodruff.

The procedure begins with meticulously constructed KöR-Seal Whitening Trays. For the next two weeks, you wear your whitening trays each night while you sleep. The result is more than six hours of whitening activity, compared to the 20-30 minutes of whitening activity found with other whitening systems.

The final step is a two-hour in-office whitening appointment, which kicks the whiteness up even more, and more importantly helps to “set” the whiteness more permanently. Within two weeks your teeth are beautifully white. The great news is that anyone from the age of 14 to 104 makes a great whitening candidate.

Call us at (248) 973-8788 and ask about KöR Whitening.   We will be happy to set up a free consultation appointment for you.

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