Combating Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Many people suffer from dry mouth or xerostomia (zero-STOW-me-ah). This unpleasant condition may be caused by certain diseases and treatments, use of prescription drugs, and even emotional stress.

Saliva has many important functions in your mouth. It coats and lubricates the oral tissues, cleans the mouth, and neutralizes acidic and alkaline foods. Dry mouth happens when a person has a low flow of saliva. If you don’t make enough saliva, over a period of time, it can lead to tooth decay and other infections in the mouth.

It is important to have regular dental checkups, to brush two times a day, and to floss one time a day.

Other ways to help dry mouth include:

  • Using sugar-free gum or candy to increase saliva flow
  • Using artificial saliva
  • Taking frequent sips of water
  • Rinsing with alcohol-free oral rinses
  • Keeping the air moist with a humidifier at your bedside or by your desk
  • Restricting intake of caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages

If you find dry mouth to be a problem, please make an appointment with us. We can help identify its source and give you a treatment plan. Feel free to contact our office at 248-973-8788. We value you as a patient and want you to be as healthy as possible.

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